Friday, 4 March 2016



Instead of writing a prayer and saying what the subject behind it was, I decided I would cover the content of an email received from Open Doors.The subject  was the title of this post. It further shows the persecution of Christians across the the world. Telahoon Nogosi Rata and Hassan Abduraheem Kodi Taour  have been imprisoned for over two months without being charged and held in an unknown location

Telahoon Ratas family have been allowed to see him once when he was in prison called Kober. Since then all attempts by family and lawyers to see him have gone unanswered

The local Christian community fear that both men may have been mistreated, and one of them suffers from stomach ulcers. His  situation will only make things worse.


That God will strengthen both Pastor Rata and Pastor Taour while they are in prison and they will be protectected mentally, physically, and mentally

That the pastors lawyers will be allowed contact so that they can provide proper legal representation.

For the families of both Pastors that they will know Gods comfort at this stressful time.

There is persecution in many countries in the world. Sudan is number 8 on open Doors watch list
Open Doors is a Christian organisation that works to help persecuted Christians across the world.Please visit the Open Doors website to discover the full extent of Christian persecution

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